Marriage After An Affair- How to Regain his Trust

marriage after an affair

If your husband caught you cheating, and you feel that your marriage is going to end, there is no need to lock yourself in the bedroom shedding tears over what you have just done.

There are a few things you can do to restore your marriage after an affair. The following are a few tips that can help you to earn your husband’s love and trust again.

1)Break All Ties With the Third Party

The first step towards rebuilding your marriage after an affair is to cut any manner of communication with the third party. Have no contact at all with this individual. If he is your colleague, change jobs, it’s better to sacrifice your job but win back the love of your man rather than the other way round.

After all jobs can be replaced whereas love and trust cannot be easily restored once completely lost. New jobs are created every single day and chances are you will still get a good one. Let your spouse be on the other end of the line when you tell the other person you never want to hear from them again, that you are fully committed to your matrimony.

Also, don’t forget to reassure your man constantly that you are still staying away from that person.

2) Show Your Husband through Actions that You Still Love Him

Actions speak louder than words, let your spouse know that you are fully committed to your relationship, that you will do whatever it takes no matter what to keep him. Ask him what you can do to win back his heart, what he would like and do as he commands. This is critical, if you want to restore your marriage after an affair. Otherwise if you show reluctance that will send a message that you are still setting boundaries.

You will come across as sneaky and show there are a lot of things you are still hiding from him. Even though personal space is important, at least try to forget about that at this point. Sheri Meyers (a renowned marriage and family therapist as well as the author of “Chatting or Cheating”), elaborates more about this “Find out what your partner needs, do what you can do to change the situation and make it better”.

3) Accountability

Try to be accountable to your husband, let him be aware of everything you do, your whereabouts, just don’t keep anything from him be it your cell phone or anything else. Also, allow him to call you whenever he wishes. All these are effective ways by which you can show that you really want to be honest and make your life an open book to him.

4) You Must Be Willing To Answer Anything Your Spouse Might Want To Know Regarding the Affair

When it comes to affairs, many women go wrong by holding back any information which might relate to their past because they think that by doing so they would lessen the damage. Hiding facts from your husband will ruin any hopes for a healthy marriage after an affair. Also, you need to realize that the truth always comes out. No matter how hard you might try to hide things from him, one day he will find out about your secrets and this will only make the situation worse. After you make a confession, promise that you will never lie to him again and this will earn you his trust again.

5) Discover What Triggered You to Have an Affair

Extramarital affairs come with guilt; a woman who has been busted by her husband will feel very guilty and even think that her spouse is likely to cheat on her in revenge. This can cause mistrust between a couples which might result in a broken marriage.

However, if you take the time to discover what led you into your actions and explain to him everything, you will all make changes necessary both in yourselves as well as in your marriage to ensure this never happens again. This is one of the the most significant ways to restore marriage after an affair.

6) Give Your Husband Time to Rebuild Trust in You

Finally, you need to be patient with your man as he deals with the distressing emotions because it is not easy to forget everything and love again just after a simple apology. Many women fail at this point because they give up on waiting and making all the efforts to prove themselves that they are truly remorseful thereby causing their husbands to have doubts in them.

Although sometimes you might feel that your patience is wearing thin, just give him adequate time so he can work through his emotions. With patience, you will be able to restore your marriage after an affair.

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