6 Unmistakable Signs Your Ex Still Has Feelings For You

6 Unmistakable Signs Your Ex Still Has Feelings For You

Breakups aren’t always final. People get back together every day, and when they do, it’s usually because strong emotional bonds forced them to give things a second shot.

If you’re trying to get an ex boyfriend or girlfriend back, chances are you’ve been looking for any signs they still love you. Sometimes these signs are difficult to spot; your ex might cut ties with you, or stay guarded about how he or she feels. When this happens, you’ll need to rely on certain signals to know when they’re feeling closer to you again.

Below are just some of the signs an ex will exhibit when he or she still has feelings for you. Learn them, because spotting these signs can help let you know when to act (and when not to) in your efforts to reverse the breakup.

Your Ex Still Keeps In Touch With You (Phone, Text, etc…)

When someone no longer wants you, they tend to leave you alone. They’re wary of giving you false hope, especially if they know you want them back. So when an ex is still texting or calling you, or communicating with you over social media? It’s a good sign, because they still want to keep you in their lives.

Sometimes this is because they inwardly see the breakup as temporary. Your ex might be visiting the idea of seeing other people or doing other things, but they’d like you to stay close in case they need to fall back on your old relationship. Anytime your ex keeps contact with you, it means they’re not 100% over things just yet. And the more of that contact they initiate? The strong those ties are.

Your Ex Asks if You’re Seeing Someone Else

Every breakup is reversible… until someone moves on. An ex who truly wants to move forward without you in their life won’t really care if you start dating some other person. After all, that’s what breaking up is about.

But an ex who keeps asking if you’re dating yet? That person is fishing for a particular answer. They want to know that no, you’re not seeing anyone else, which means you’re still available just in case they want you back. This is a signal that they might be doubting letting you go.

Also, if your ex is making absolutely sure that YOU know they’re not seeing anyone else? This is an even bigger indication they still care for you. Your boyfriend or girlfriend is advertising that they’re not going anywhere else, so you shouldn’t go anywhere either.

Your Ex Keeps in Contact With Your Family, Friends, etc…

Depending on how long you dated, you probably got enmeshed in each other’s lives. An ex who keeps up the lines of communication with your family, or friends, even after breaking up with you? They’re doing it to stay in your family’s good graces.

Remember: if your ex really didn’t want you back, he or she wouldn’t care much about what your family thinks (or what you told them about the breakup). But an ex who one day sees himself or herself back in your life? He or she might do damage control, and keep up appearances so that it’s easier to fit back in once you start dating again.

Your Ex Texts You Late at Night or Drunk Dials You

The night is always a lonely time. It’s when your ex will be most likely to get nostalgic, or think about your past relationship. He or she could be missing you a lot, and spur of the moment, they might decide to reach out to you.

Alcohol also lowers inhibitions. You might think when an ex drunk-dials you it really doesn’t mean much, but it actually means a lot. In the back of their mind, you still exist. They’re still considering you. So far they’ve resisted the temptation to contact you, but once they’ve had a few drinks all their inhibitions melt away and their true feelings are revealed.

Your Ex Stops by To See You at Odd Times (or in Odd Places)

When your boyfriend or girlfriend is reconsidering the breakup, they’ll want to check up on you. They might drive by your house to see if you’re home, or check a bar or club or place they might know you’d be. They might also come by your job, too. All of these things are signs of interest.

Most times your ex will do these things on the sly, without you knowing they even happened. But when your former boyfriend or girlfriend actually ‘pops in’ to say hello at these places? They’re throwing out big signals. They still feel possessive of you, regardless of having let you go.

Your Ex Asks to Hang out or Meet Up With You

When your boyfriend or girlfriend really starts missing you? They’ll eventually ask to meet up. This is a huge indication that they can’t stand being apart from you, because simple texting or talking over the phone is no longer cutting it.

When meeting your ex for the first time since the break, you’ll need to play it cool. Looking needy, desperate, or over-eager to see them are all red flags, and your ex could get spooked during the encounter. Signs of interest don’t always translate to wanting to get back together, at least not right away. So take things slow, remain positive, and see if your ex called you to meet with them because maybe they have something to say

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