Why Women Are Dating Older Men In 2015

older men seeking younger women

Is it a fact that younger women are more interested in dating older these days? Think not? Well, according to a recent study conducted by N.C. State University, there an abundance of younger women looking for older men. In fact, a whopping 65% of the females surveyed admitted they were into older guys because they were a lot more mature. This is great news for older men seeking younger girls. Nonetheless, no matter where you opinion stands, we have come up with five reasons why women tend to date older men.

Reason # 1 Maturity

Older guys tend to have a better control on their emotions. They tend to be more mature and know how to cater to a woman’s needs. They usually can anticipate her thoughts and know how to diffuse an disagreement faster than ice melting on a summer day. Older men are able to establish goals and take necessary steps to achieve them. Whether it is by luck of the draw or previous experience, maturity tends to be very attractive to younger women looking for older men.

Reason # 2 More Sex Appeal

Older guys usually have that extra sex appeal that only comes with age. It could be that touch of gray hair, the manly hairs on their chest, the scratchy beard or those old man muscles that never seem to fade away. His cologne smells so good you are hypnotized when he walks into the room. Something is just different about them!

Reason # 3 Older Men Wrap It Up

Contrary to the young and wreckless men of this generation. Older men know how to practice safe sex. They are use to all types of contraceptives and have no shame encouraging you to protect yourself as well. They tend to get checked on a regular basis and want to make sure you are safe as well.

Reason # 4 Older Men Are Confident In Themselves

Maybe it is due to the fact they have most of their financial hardships behind them at this point, but does it not seem like older guys are more confident? Is it because at this point in their lives it is a what you see is what you get kind of thing? Or is it because they have raised a family, gone through a ton of life changes and now know how the game works? Either way, it is sexy as hell when an older man has confidence.

At the end of the day whether you are looking to settle down or not, finding an older guy is going to be your best option in 2015. Not only will he most likely be financially stable, he will know how to treat you like a lady. He will also know how to pleasure you mentally and physically.  If you wondering where you can go to find one, just hop on the internet and visit a popular dating site for women seeking older men. We are confident you will be able to find what you are looking for. Thanks so much for stopping by and we hope you come back again! Until next time, good luck finding your older man.