10 Geeky Mistakes Geeks Make On A Date

dating geeks

Dating with Geeks is better, why? It is because these Geeks are chic and most of the nerds are no longer hiding their passion for their nerdy habits. They can express themselves confidently in order to get the girl they want. However, there are also instances that they do certain mistakes wherein women are turned off with them.  (If you’re still single, try Geeksy.ca, a great place to meet geeks of all kinds)

The following are the top 10 mistakes that Geeks mostly do when dating:

   1.    Being Condescending

If you are dating with Geeks, you should not be arrogant and make her feel that you know everything. You should not make them feel like they are 5 years old seeking for information.

    2.   Over-Explaining

If your date asks you question regarding certain topic, it will be better if you will give her exact answer. There is no need to over-explain everything, just go directly to the point.

    3.   Always right/Know everything

When talking with someone, especially with your date, always consider her opinions before giving your personal point of view. You will surely feel more comfortable than ever.

    4.   Fashion (Always Tennis Shoes)

If you are fond of dating wearing tennis shoes, maybe it is not the perfect time for you to look for nicer shoes. Sketchers are more fashionable compared to tennis shoes, so why should not opt for it?

    5.   Fashion ( Old-fashioned Clothes)

Wearing old-fashioned clothes shows that you are that lazy to choose trending clothes in the market. It will be better if you are wearing clothes which are hitting the market trend. Avoid wearing those which are already been in your service for 3 years and above.

    6.   Fashion (Wears Loose Fit Clothes)

While dating with Geeks, you should not wear loose or too tight clothes. You can ask sales woman about the clothes that perfectly fits to your body. Your clothes should be well-fitted into your body, shoulders and you should not also wear baggy pants.

    7.   Becomes defensive if teased

You can roll up with all the punches. You can be flirty and playful while talking with something about you.

    8.   Emailing or texting while talking

If you are dating with Geeks, you should focus on her. Your date will surely think that you are not interested with her because you keep on texting, emailing and playing games on your phone while talking with her. Put down your phone, email and other gadget and stay focused of what you are talking about.

    9.   Self-Deprecating

Comedians are good with this self-deprecating humor. If your date says that she is fat, you should not laugh at her and let her feel all of her insecurities. Your date will surely get mad and turned off with you.

   10.   Asking feedbacks about date

This is one of the biggest mistakes that you should not ask. Never ask her about going on in a date. You should not also ask her if she likes you already or not and if she is enjoying your time. While dating with Geeks, make sure that you will not ask her about her experience on her previous dates.