Why You Should be Seeking Christian Help For Troubled Marriage?

seeking christian help for troubled marriage

Many people with a christian upbringing will tell you they have optimism that their faith in God will help sustain them when they experience tough times in their marriage, but the truth of the matter is divorce is seen just as much in the Christian community as the atheist world.  No matter who you are or what you believe, you will experience some type of hardship in your marriage at some point or another. When this time occurs, you may even consider getting a divorce to solve the problem.

The devil will try his best to convince you this is best option and realistically the only one you should strongly consider. No matter how bad things seem, I personally want you to know that God did not design marriage to end in divorce.  If you and your significant other are having trouble reconnecting, you should know there is christian help for troubled marriage that would help bring you closer to God- and one another- for the guidance you need to fix your broken relationship.

How do you know if your marriage is in trouble?

There a several distinct signs that indicate it is time to be seeking Christian help for troubled marriage. In most cases, problems usually arise when your spouse does not feel appreciated. It normally starts with continuous fighting in the home or the fact your partner pays more attention to strangers of the opposite sex more than you.

In other cases, one partner could be simply working too much or solely focused on the lives of their kids instead of balancing it the time and attention your signifsicant other needs. Being guilty of anyone of these things does not necessarily make you a bad person, but if you do not take steps to correct your actions, your marriage is doomed to fail.

Seeking Christian Help for Troubled Marriage vs Non Christian Help

First let me say there is nothing wrong with choosing a non Christian 3rd party for assistance. However, the guidance you receive from this individual is going to be based solely on his or her experience and research. I grew up in a Christian household so I am speaking in regards to what I believe and know. I personally recommend seeking guidance from a Christian counselor because you need someone that can properly teach you how couples  are to interact in a marriage according to God’s instructions.

This individual will be able to help you and your spouse use scripture to repair your broken relationship and rely on it going forward for all the answers.  No longer will it be based on what you or your wife thinks is best . You will have roadmap to follow.

What else can I do?

You can start by praying. The wonderful thing about God is that he loves everyone no matter what you look like, no matter where you are from, no matter what your sins are, and no matter what your past is.  Praying is free, its easy and it WORKS. Praying is simply talking to God and opening up your heart to him. Confess your wrong doings to him, ask him to forgive you and ask him to guide you and your spouse in your marriage. Ask him to take all the heartache and pain away.  Make a sincere effort to change yourself and God will order your steps.

By no stretch of the imagination is marriage easy. Once you sprinkle in kids, work, financial problems, and everything else, it can be impossible at times. However, no matter how bad it gets, seeking Christian help for troubled marriage and praying to God works every time.