Excellent Marriage Advice For Newlyweds

advice for nelyweds

advice for nelyweds

Deciding to get married is possibly one of the biggest decisions you will ever have to make besides buying a house and having a baby.

The first year of your marriage is crucial because it will determine how you live as a couple, how you function and the basis for how your marriage will operate.

There are several adjustments that you will need to do to make your marriage blossom.

Since change is inevitable, then we need to learn how to adapt it.

All you need to remember is that you got married because of the love you have for one another and you want to spend together the rest of your life.

There following points should be carefully noted because it is considered to be some of the best marriage advice for newlyweds.

Young couples must know and stick to them to have a successful marriage. These include:

Communicate with each other

Communication remains the key to success in a relationship.

You must talk to each other openly about anything.

Communication gives you a platform to learn more and more about your partner. Do not assume you know everything there is to know about your partner just because you are now married.

Communication also brings up trust which is a strong component of marriage advice for newlyweds and is present in every successful marriage.

Never bottle up things that will cause problems, discuss them with your partner. Sometimes quirky personality traits or annoying habits show up.

Talking about them as a couple is the most appropriate way of solving.

Break your routine

Boredom is a great influence in marriage and it’s very easy to fall into this trap.

Change is healthy; don’t get too comfortable with each other.

Spice up your marriage by changing routines.

Guys, cook for your lady, or surprise her by cleaning up the house while she is out.

This will foster team spirit and make you both happier.

Maintain sexual intimacy

This is a major marriage advice for newlyweds.

As newlyweds, sexual intimacy usually starts off great then slowly declines as the newness of the marriage fades and you settle into the daily routines.

Pretty soon, sex starts becomes less of a focus in teh relationship.

Don’t allow this to happen.

Schedule some alone time for each other, light some candles, put on some slow music and get intimate.

Stay close with friends

When most young people get married they tend to forget their families and friends.

Ensure your line of sight to your family and friends is still going through, after all they were with you before you met.

This marriage advice for newlyweds seems risky but very important.

Once a week, have a night outs away from your partner, you need some space between each other.

You need time to have fun with your friends in absence of your partner.

Avoid playing the comparison game with other couples around you

It’s not a good idea for either you or your spouse to compare your marriage with others.

Just because some couple looks like they are always happy doesn’t mean so.

You don’t know the challenges they are going through and problems they have behind the closed doors.

If you compare your marriage with others you will not have enough concentration and energy to grow your marriage.

All marriages take time to grow.

Respect one another

This marriage advice for newlyweds is the mostly neglected.

It is one of the fastest ways to develop a lasting bond.

Don’t take each other for granted because respect will sink.

Ensure you maintain the use of terms like please’ and thank you during your conversations.

Treat your spouse with respect and adoration that you would want as well.

Don’t go to bed angry

Always resolve any issues as soon as possible because you do not want to let anger fester over night.

What if your partner passed away in his or her sleep?  Do you want your last words or memory to be of a silly argument you had with them the night before?

Keep up your physical appearance

Keep up with the way you look and feel. You don’t want to show your partner that you don’t care about yourself anymore. S

tay sexy for each other, don’t let yourself go, it will pay you later.

Keep a good sense of humor with your partner

This is very important to having a successful and happy marriage.

If you can learn to laugh with your partner even when things are not working out or when your situations are not ideal, then you will be able to breeze through other times even when things seem too tough.

If you can maintain laughter within your marriage, then you will have a long and happy union.

Wait to have children

Among the marriage advice for newlyweds, this one is not taken seriously by most marriages because of excitement to have children.

Couples often rush into having children without knowing what accompanies it.

You should be patient and wait to have children.

Stabilize well because children come with a lot of responsibility, financial burden and compromise.

Save money

Nowadays the economy is making it harder and harder to save.

But you must save; many newlywed marriages subside because of financial stress.

If you save some money, it will serve unexpected things.

It’s very important because you have to be on the same page when it comes to the household income and expenditure.

Do not avoid talking about finances with your spouse.

Always listen to your spouse

When you stop listening to your spouse, you are setting yourself up for failure.  Sure they may talk too much or repeat the same thing very often, but it is important that you give them your full attention while they are talking to you.

Don’t concentrate on a TV or a computer when your spouse is talking to you.

Make your partner feel as if he or she is the most important person to you, and this will create a lasting bond.

As you move in together always keep in mind the aforementioned key marriage advice for newlyweds and you will be on your way to a passionate and loving marriage.