10 Reasons Why You Should Not Date A Cheating Spouse

cheating spouse

Most people who have found themselves mixed in the web of a cheating spouse admit that it is always one of the most frustrating relationships.

First, because if you are the other person in their life, you have to contend with the fact that dating a married person rarely yields anything.

No matter the level of emotional attachment you develop for a cheating lover, they will never give themselves to you fully.

A part of them, a bigger one at that, will always be with their spouses, and children if they have any. There are many other reasons why you should avoid dating a married person. Some of them include:

1. Dating a cheating spouse is emotionally draining:

The wide range of emotions you will experience when you are involved with a cheating lover can be draining.

The many days and nights spent sneaking around, and trying to hide the affair from people who know both of you is exhausting.

The worst part is the knowledge that you will always come second in most cases. You spend time wishing you could call them or reach out for them but you cannot risk being caught, so you keep hoping that they will reach for you.

And sadly, when they don’t, you are the one who ends up nursing the pain of your illicit relationship. Being involved with a cheating spouse makes you miserable, hoping for something you will never get.

2. You are the loser:

Think about it, if you are involved with a cheating lover, then you are the one who is losing. The cheating spouse is having their cake and eating it too.

They are comfortable hiding details about your relationship from their spouses, and enjoying the benefits of having both of you at the same time. You become an enabler for their selfishness, and you give them a chance to cheat, without worrying if they will be caught, because you are an accomplice to their lies.

3. They will never leave their spouse for you:

cowardEven though a cheating spouse will tell you how they hate their spouses, and how much they wish they had a choice, the harsh reality is that they will never leave them for you.

Most people engaging in a relationship with a cheating lover always hang on hopes that someday, things will be different.

No matter how long you stay with a cheating spouse, waiting for them to choose you, they never do. They will use you as a distraction in the issues they are having in their relationship, and then before you know it, they will dump you and even blame you for trying to ruin their relationship.


 4. There is no future:

You may enjoy time together, go out and have fun, but when it comes to a cheating spouse, it always ends there.

There is never any future beyond the thrilling sex that comes with cheating, or the many hours you spend telling each other how you wish things were different.

Therefore, you should have it at the back of your mind that a cheating lover will never commit to you, no matter how desperately you want them to show you some commitment.

You are not entitled to ask for it because as you are aware, they have someone else that they are committed to.

In the slim chance they did leave there spouse for you, in the back of your mind you would always wonder, am I being cheated on?

5. You will always carry guilt with you:

guiltThe guilt and fear that always come with engaging romantically with a married person is never worth it. Every time their spouse calls and they make up a lie, some guilt sinks into you.

Or when they miss an important part of their family event to spend time with you.

The series of lies that you have to tell to cover up details of your relationships, or the friends you lie to in an effort to conceal the real identity of your cheating lover can make you feel extremely guilty.

Even worse is the fear you will always have, wondering what will happen to you in case their spouses find out about your affair.

6. You are dating a coward:

Most people never look at it that way, but only cowards secretively cheat on their spouses. It shows that they cannot confront their own feelings.

They cannot bear the consequences of facing their spouses and telling them that they need to change some aspects in their relationship, or simply tell them that they want to end things.

Instead, they choose the easy way and cheat instead, just to give themselves temporary gratification. Being with a cheating spouse is tolerating a coward.

7. You are wasting time:

You will never recover all the time you spend sneaking around with a cheating lover.

Think about the many potential single people you miss out on while you allow a cheating spouse to take you for a ride.

Before you know it, may years would have rolled by, and you would have wasted so much time in a relationship that doesn’t benefit you.

By the time you realize that you have no future, it may be too late.

8. Technically, you are single:

still singleYou may call each other pet names, promise each other heaven and earth, and do the things that lovers do; but it doesn’t change the fact that they are taken.

You are a side dish, the second option. You are the one they never introduce to their friends and family. they introduce you as ‘friend’ and will never admit that there is anything between you, beyond friendship.

So, even though you wish you would identify them as yours, they are not. You are still single! You would be better off check out a cool dating site such as idatingsites.net

9. It ruins your future relationships:

Weather you date a cheating spouse for a short or long period of time, you will find yourself developing trust issues.

Your subsequent relationships will be full of complications arising from your inability to trust your partner.

Once you have been involved in cheating, you tend to think that everyone else is also cheating.

10. It may endanger your life:

dangerYou may take it lightly, but you do not know the action the partner of the cheating spouse might take.

There have been many cases where people involved in an adulterous relationship have been injured or even killed when the details leak out.

The few moments of pleasure you get from being with a cheating lover is never worth it.

So, you may want to think through when it comes to falling in love with a married person.

At the end of it all, it is never worth it. You are better off being single. The right person who is ready to commit fully to you will come, so do not be tempted into falling for a cheating spouse.