Is it Ok to Spy On Your Spouse?

spy on your spouse

Is it ok to spy on your spouse if they are displaying signs of cheating?

Does your spouse leave the room to take phone calls when you are around or make excuses to leave the house at odd times during the night?

This type of behavior creates a burning desire to know exactly what is going on and there are many reasons why your motivation for spying on your spouse is justified. Here are five of them.

You Trust Your Gut Instincts

You have been suspecting your spouse of having an affair for quite some time now, something about them changed all of a sudden. Your relationship has been on the rocks for years, but out of the blue they seem to be happier than they have ever been.

All of a sudden, your spouse is more concerned with their physical appearance than ever; they have started a new workout routine and they keep a fresh change of clothes in their car.

What motivated the change in behavior?

Maybe you have questioned them about their sudden change in behavior and expressed your concerns about infidelity? Did your spouse get angry with you and deny everything? Despite their denial do you know something is just not right?

Often times, your gut feeling is correct, if you are able to confirm your spouse is cheating, at least you can rest assured your instincts were correct.

Spying is the best way to find out the truth and give yourself a “gut check” at the same time.

You Are Tired Of Tread Milling

The bottom line is, you want to know the truth whether the outcome is good or bad.  If your spouse is having an affair, it will crush you, but at least you can make a decision to work with your spouse to fix it or make plans to move on. Do you feel like you are on a treadmill running in place?

You can’t take steps in any direction until your suspicions have been addressed. The only way to move forward is to spy on your spouse.

Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STD) Are Real

Everyone deserves a chance to be trusted, but trust is earned and not given. It is one of the hardest things to gain and one of the easiest things to lose.  If you have a feeling your spouse is being intimate with someone else, your health may be at risk.

Even if they are using protection during sex, they could be exchanging bodily fluids with someone else through kissing or oral sex. Are you prepared to accept the fact your spouse could give you a std that you may have to live with the rest of your life?

The Courts Will Decide

If your relationship is already on the rocks and headed in the wrong direction, there is a chance your marriage was heading towards a divorce. How would you feel if your cheating spouse decided to divorce you for the other person? Where does this leave you financially? Wouldn’t you want to gather some evidence and beat him to the punch?

Having proof your spouse was cheating does have an impact in divorce proceedings. It could be the difference between you going to live with your parents or receiving spousal support to assist with your finances.


As hard as it may be to accept the fact your spouse maybe having an affair, infidelity is real.  You can continue to turn a blind eye and hope things will get better on its own or you can spy on your spouse and find out the truth.  No matter which decision you choose, be prepared to accept the consequences of your decision.