Should I Move In with my Fiance?

couples moving in

If you are recently engaged or already in the process of planning your wedding, let me start by saying congratulations.

You are starting off on an exciting new journey together and the paths you once walked on individually will now converge as you walk together as one.

One of the first questions a couple usually asks is should I move in with my fiance?

If you have not already moved in with your fiance you are most likely thinking about it or making plans to do so in the near future.

Let me share some advice that can save you both a headache once that time occurs.

Unless you just do not believe in shacking up, we spend of all our time together already and either he is at my place or I am at his.

Why would we not just get a place together or by a house from quality home builders to help save up for the wedding?

When you live alone you get use to doing things however you want and it becomes your routine.

You may be use to eating chips in the bed at night while watching T.V., leaving cabinets and drawers open, burping or farting out loud,  taking off your gym clothes and throwing them in a corner until laundry day, you get the point.

Establishment of the “New Normal”

You need to know a lot of the stuff that is normal to you will drive your spouse crazy until what I like to call the “New Normal” is established.

I have talked to many couples that have said they almost got divorced shortly after moving in together because they argued so much.

Not due to  infidelity or trust issues, but small stuff like if he went to the bathroom in the middle of the night then he might as well go sleep on the couch because she stretches out in the bed like she is 6 foot 9 or he is so nasty, he has worn that shirt for two days now and wont change.

Ladies, guys are nasty sometimes ok? If we pick that shirt up and it smells decent its going back on, live with it.

There will be a long or short period of time depending on how stubborn you are before your house will normalize after moving in together.

You must be willing to compromise with your husband or wife and make adjustments to how you do things.

At some point your spouse will be content or they will get use to how you do things and accept it.

Guys, you can no longer shave in the morning and leave the clippings on the sink because you are in a rush.

Ladies, you can no longer leave your 57 million pairs of shoes spread out all over the house.

You may like to fall asleep with the T.V. on, your spouse may need the room to be completely dark to fall asleep.

These are things you may not have realized until after you have moved in together.  Don’t panic, it is a process and everything will get better.

Personally, I never  use to think to put the toilet seat down after using the bathroom and even struggle with it today.

I have a bad habit of leaving stuff open, my wife says she can always tell if I have been in a room of our house because there will always be a cabinet or drawer left open.

Sometimes it drives her crazy, other times she just shakes her head closes the drawer and goes on about her day.

You must understand your spouse is not going to do everything just the way you want them to.

Some things he or she will change to accommodate you and others they will not.

Choose your battles, put your foot down if its something you absolutely can not deal with and bite your tongue on others that are not so bad.

The moral of the story is DO NOT let your new marriage fall apart over a little piece of hair left in the soap.

Ok that is nasty, but seriously focus on what really matters and that’s each other.

I hope this article helped you answer the question should move in with my fiance?

Leave a comment and share your experience after moving in with your fiance!