Relationship Advice- Can You Really Get Your Ex Back?

can you really get your ex back

Going through an emotional roller-coaster? You aren’t alone; we all have experienced this, especially when our ex is standing in front of us, and looking rather exceptional; we forget all past troubles and quarrels, and desire to get them back in our lives. Besides, when someone captures our heart – again – it’s the most complex feeling; we can’t live without them; we can’t see them with anyone else either. It’s like they aren’t our ex; they’re our dignity. If we’ll lose them, we’ll lose our dignity as well. Therefore, getting the ex back is a pertinent task.

Before you read further, let me strongly warn you. You always have to pull the right strings if you want to get your ex back. If you pull any incorrect string, such as, attempt to stalk or spy, get in touch with their friends, argue that it wasn’t your fault, act immensely nice, or beg them to come back, you won’t only jeopardize your personality, but also lose them forever. For that reason, get rid of all these maniac acts, and focus on those strong-arm tactics that pull only the right strings and introduce the storms of emotions in them.

Today, numerous professionals make claims that they’ll hand you your ex back in no time. Usually, most of them are just faux. All they do is to obligate you to perform those actions which make you appear more miserable, and more vulnerable. Following them is like pushing your ex further away… If you want to get your ex back, you actually want help from the professional psychologists, as they comprehend the human emotions…reference youtube video. Their tips can facilitate in pulling all the right strings. That’s why, today, I’ve gathered some top-notch tips from the desks of professional psychologists, just follow them if you’re serious regarding getting your ex back, and if you want to keep your state elite and posh as well.

Lower the Pride

Particularly, if it’s your fault, lower it. You don’t want to annoy your ex even more if he/she believes that it’s your mistake. Even if it’s not your mistake, you’ve to lower your pride a tad, as you want to clear the smoke and tell them that what’s right and what’s not. Typically, people argue and attempt to put blame on each other. This makes the situation shoddier; you can feel like a winner after flooding your ex with your calculating words, but you’d never win him/her back. In fact, he/she will feel that living with you is like repeating the history; you’d repeat all those mistakes of the past, and keep on blaming them again.

Don’t Be a Doormat

Now, if you’re lowering the pride, you don’t have to be a doormat either. You shouldn’t bend yourself that down that you look desperate and accept everything which your ex wants. There should be a balance. Tackle the tough questions like a gentleman, assess your words, and reply with care. Dwelling on one side utterly can perhaps facilitate you in getting your ex back, but it won’t hand you the relationship you want; it won’t be fulfilling and loving. They’d be with you just to feed your emotional and sexual needs, but they won’t be in love; you’ll lose your value in their eyes… Therefore, keep your head high too, as it matters.

Life Is Better

Make them curious. Give them a sense that your life is better than before, and you’re quite satisfied in your life. The best thing you can do is to send them a hand-written letter, as it will stand out in this digital age, and earn all the attention and praise of your ex partner. Second, write that you’ve accepted your break up, and you’re sorry if you’ve hurt them in any way, as it wasn’t your intention; you respect them a lot, as they’re an important part of your life. Furthermore, tell them that something important and good is happening in your life, and you want to share with them. A letter like this would not only make them curious, but also push them to spend time with you to canvass how your life is better than before.

 No Advising/Criticizing

It doesn’t matter whether you’re meeting with your ex face-to-face, or writing them something through the newsletter or text messages, never ever criticize them, or their actions. This would create an unhelpful impression about you, and won’t let you stand on the stage, under bright, positive spotlight. Similarly, if you’re exhibiting that your life has taken a positive and great turn, don’t start advising either. Don’t correct them. Let them do what they want, and let them live their life according to their own choice. This simple strategy would swell your respect in their eyes, and also set all the previous curves straight.

 She is Important

So, make him/her feel important. Invite him/her in some lavish restaurant; if she’s a woman and in touch with you, you can send her beautiful flowers either. Besides, if you can help him/her with something, don’t hesitate. This would show them that you still care about them, and they’ve importance in your life. And, who doesn’t like that? Now, it doesn’t mean you should force your decision through your gestures that you’re trying to get them back; just be natural. Giving them importance without showing them that you want them in your life is like exhibiting the attraction and then pulling yourself back. And, it’s rather powerful.

 Closing Words

It’s a tricky task! It’s an easy, but dangerous game as well. You just can’t throw your punches wildly; you’ve to canvass each situation and move according to it. However, in all conditions, the rules stay the same. Just follow these above rules, and I assure you, you won’t only get your ex back, but also keep them in your life forever. Since, these above rules allow you to rule your ex’s feelings with an iron fist; you play the perfect knight and stay in their 04:00 AM thought… So, he/she is the last bus of the night; chase it down.