Great Last Minute Gift Ideas For Valentines Day

Chocolate Fondue Set

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and no matter how many times she has told you it is ok not get her anything, you better believe it is going to be a BIG problem if you don’t have SOMETHING to give her. I am not telling you she was lying to you when she initially told you not to get her anything, but I am telling you once her Facebook News feed is full of lovely gifts her girlfriends have received, it will cause major issues.

Oh, your wife or girlfriend does not have Facebook so you are not worried about it you say? Think again, she may not have a social media account, but she does have that one girlfriend that is going to get everything under the sun. Don’t be that guy saying, “well you told me not to get you anything.”

Just think about it, Valentine’s Day only comes once a year. No matter how tight your budget is, this is your chance to really show her how much you care. Now, if you are reading this and you have not purchased or handmade anything that is going to simply blow her away. I am here to help. Today, I will be providing you with a list of affordable Valentine’s Day gifts that will go a long way.

Don’t’ panic if you have not ordered anything yet, because there is still time.  If you purchase something today, you may have to pay a little extra for shipping, but that is the cost for waiting until the last minute to take action.  Here is a list of my recommendations for the best Valentine’s Day gifts.

Gift Idea # 1 – A Dozen Roses

Nothing melts a woman’s heart faster than a beautiful bouquet of roses. In fact, giving a woman roses on Valentine ’s Day is equivalent to giving someone cake on their birthday. It is absolutely necessary and not to mention she will love them time and time again. Now, if your significant other already knows you will be buying roses, work on finding a unique way to present them to her. For example, instead of doing it the same way you did last year, try giving them to her in front of a crowd or something. Anything that will make her feel special.

Gift Idea # 2- Chocolate Fondue Set (My Personal Favorite and Very Affordable!)

Chocolate is another great gift that always gets the job done. Chocolate and roses make a great combination. However, instead of buying her that ratty old box of chocolates with the surprise fruit paste in the middle, change it up this year. First, buy her this AMAZING Mini Heart Shaped Fondue Set, next get a bag of Hershey kisses and melt them down into a liquid form. Fill the Fondue heart with the melted chocolate and surround it with fresh fruit. She will absolutely love dipping the fruit in the chocolate.  Not to mention the bonus and style points you will get for getting her this heart shaped fondue set!

Gift Idea # 3- Massage

When is the last time you her a massage? I am not talking about a half ass back rub while she falls asleep on your lap. I am talking scented candles, soft music, massage oils etc. If this is something you have never done before, just take a minute to do some research on the internet. You can quickly learn a few moves that will make her back feel brand new. Alternatively you can buy her a gift card for a massage from a massage parlor like Massage Envy.

Gift Idea # 4- Cook For Her

Sure, you can wait in line at a gourmet restaurant for 3 hours or you can go to the store, buy the same ingredients for half the cost and cook it yourself. Women love when you take the time to cook for them. If you suck at cooking, it is ok to order the main course from somewhere and try your best to cook the rest.

Gift Idea # 5- Make Her a Video Card

It is nothing wrong with a traditional card from Hallmark, but why not do something she won’t quickly forget. Set up a webcam and make a quick video on why you love your significant other. If you are in a newer relationship, you can always make a video about how you felt the first time you met her and the positive impact she has had on your life to date.

At the end of the day, no matter which gift idea you choose, make sure if comes from your heart and it is genuine. I totally understand money does not grow on trees and we all have bills to pay, but you don’t want your lady feeling unappreciated on Valentine’s Day. Trust me.