Talk it out: Reap the many benefits of therapy and life coaching


As adults, we have forgotten the benefits of hashing out our problems as they come up, as we did in our youth. With work and relationships on the table, we tend to forge ahead and brush any tension aside. Ignoring the root causes of stress, anxiety, depression, fear, and anger perpetuates the cycle and causes us harm in the long term. The benefits of speaking to a professional are endless, but here are the top reasons that you should consider opening up to a licensed therapist.

First up, research shows that the simple act of verbalizing our feelings produces therapeutic effects in the brain. This is huge! You can lessen your emotional load by talking about what is going on in your life! A typical therapy session goes one step further, providing you with construction problem solving skills to help you resolve the root cause at the base of the problem. While this often takes a series of sessions, you gain the skills and behaviors to tackle your stressors head on and move forward in a productive and healthy manner. For those of you in a relationship, this means resolving your own emotional issues in a product manner—leaving your relationship a place for love and happiness.

In addition, a therapist provides you with a neutral sounding board and encourages you to look at your current problems from a new angle. This can be immensely helpful for wriggling yourself out of a stagnant and unproductive cycle of emotions. Speaking with your therapist is much more helpful than talking to a friend or lover for many reasons. The main reason being that your therapist is trained to help you identify the root cause and form an emotional and mental strategy to resolve the problem in question. Secondly, your therapist is neutral and will not bring any negativity or personal issues into the conversation. You can speak openly, knowing that your session is confidential. With this in mind, keep your conversations honest and goal-oriented to make the most of your time.

Beyond therapists, reaching out to life coach is another beneficial exercise for those stuck in an emotional pattern or place. A coach, while different from a therapist, can help you remove mental roadblocks that stand in between you and your goals. Similar to a therapist, you will open yourself up to your struggles and find ways to move forward. Many people find that a life coach holds them accountable and encourages them to be their own advocate on the journey to happiness and success.

Whichever you choose, it is important to understand the benefits of reaching out and discussing your problems with a professional. The reasons and measurable rewards extend far beyond those listed here. In addition to solo therapy, consider relationship therapy to resolve underlying issues and heal any tension with your partner. Reduce your emotional burden and take the first step on your journey towards becoming your happiest self!