How to Talk to Girls if You are Shy

how to talk to girls if you are shy

If you are reading this article, it is likely you are trying to figure out how to talk to girls if you are shy.  The first thing I want to tell you is being shy is perfectly normal and talking to girls is not easy for everybody.  No matter how smooth you are, we have all been there at some point in our lives. You see the girl of your dreams, perfectly recite what you want to say in your mind, envision her reaction, and finally muster up enough courage to start your approach. You insert a mint in your mouth and start walking over in her direction.

However, what usually happens is you change your mind about talking to her, no words come out at all, or you completely mix up your words. In fact, I know of one situation where the words were supposed to be “You are gorgeous and have such a pretty face” and it ended up coming out “I like your smace.” Yes, you read that right, smace.

This usually results in you feeling pretty horrible, helpless, or you just want to sink into a hole forever. However, the good news is that there a few tips and techniques that can be really helpful when it comes to how to approach girls if you are shy or uncomfortable.

I think the most important tip is to be yourself and be confident about who you really are. Don’t act like the person you think she wants you to be as you can only keep up that type of behavior for so long, instead be who you really are and accept it. Many women have reported that confidence is perhaps the thing they notice most. This means you do not have to be the best looking guy in the world, but you must be confident and never be ashamed of who you are.

You might also feel pressured into lying about liking something that she does, again, don’t do it as the truth will eventually come out. The number one rule is be honest when talking to her. The last thing you want is to have to practice being the guy you pretended to be when you met her.

In order to become comfortable talking to girls, you have to be comfortable talking to strangers. How do you become good at something? Simple, practice, practice, and practice some more. Practice on strangers, both genders and all levels of attractiveness. The more you say “Hello” and strike up a conversation the better you will be at it. If you mess up a conversation with someone you will most likely never see again, it is no big deal. However, the practice and experience you gain will be invaluable to you.

If the girl you want to talk to is someone you see often (such as at work or school), try to get to know her a little bit before you approach her for a casual conversation. Obviously, you don’t want to follow her around and seem awkward but instead say “Hi” whenever you see her or ask to borrow something. This is a small and simple step, but it can break the ice easily. Remember that all conversations begin with one word.

Be certain to smile as the power of a genuine smile is often underrated but is the one attribute that can knock down the most doors.

When talking with her, find something to compliment her on. Maybe you like her clothing, her makeup, hair style, whatever stands out. If she always wears her hair one way and decides to wear it a different way, then be certain to tell her that her hair looks good that way. Women appreciate it when the little things are noticed and she may be flattered that you observed such a subtle change. When I was really desperate I would even go as far as asking, “Do I know you from somewhere?” I would use this technique even when I knew I had never seen her before. The purpose was to get her talking or make her smile.

The biggest fear, aside from rejection, is striking up a conversation and having nothing to talk about. If you’re shy, this could happen more than it should as there a ton of subjects available to talk about. Think ahead of time about what subjects you want to discuss. Quite often, the conversation will flow naturally but it is a good idea to have a few topics to mention to kick start the conversation. Think about current events or funny past experiences you can share that may entertain her. It is also important to keep in mind sometimes you will have a great conversation with some and they still end up rejecting you. Just because someone was willing to have a conversation with you does not mean they are into you.

If for some reason rejection does happen, instead of feeling sad and getting down on yourself, use it as a learning experience and a stepping stone to getting rid of your shyness. Don’t be rude or mean if she has no interest in talking to you, but instead accept it and move on to someone else.

The most important thing to remember is, you will get rejected from time to time, but use these occurrences as a lessons learned. Think about what you could have done or said differently to hold her attention longer.

Before you know it you will be talking to girls like its nothing. Not to mention, you will actually meet girls that are really into you.  So what do you do once this happens? Well you will certainly need to know how to flirt and eventually seduce her. I recently came across an amazing website called Seduction Efficace and I was pretty impressed.  This blog is dedicated to helping you meet the right person and then teaching you how to seduce them so you end up being the only person they can think about.

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