Choosing A Diamond Engagement Ring

diamond ring

Diamonds are the hardest stone in the world and one that has fascinated mankind for generations. Diamonds were first found along rivers in India, and slowly exported throughout the world. In later centuries, other countries began finding and mining diamonds. Diamonds have a long process before they are made into jewelry to provide you with beautiful jewelry. Diamonds travel from the depths of the mines, to the cutting factory, to being hand sorted for flaws, and finally set into the jewelry that you can handle and see.

From before the 1600s to near the 1800s diamonds were the stone of choice among the upper class. Bright, shiny, and obviously expensive, they were a badge of distinction and were mostly worn by men. It has only been within the last 200 years that diamonds have become frequently associated with weddings and engagements, in the form of rings. While still retaining their glamorous look and feel.

Possibly the most stressful time of the process of marriage is choosing from the multitude of engagement rings and the wide variety of wedding rings. There are a multitude of jewelry stores, and jewelers that can help you find and view different styles of diamond rings in the UK, such as Orla James. Many people like a diamond solitaire for an engagement ring, while others prefer a more stunning arrangement of multiple diamonds. The same is true for wedding rings, with some preferring glinting diamonds and others a plain simple gold band.

When shopping for diamond rings the choices can seem endless, and potentially frustrating. There are hundreds of different styles, and different combinations of cuts and metals, and even different types of settings to choose from. With this variety, possibly the best way to investigate diamond rings UK is online.

A few things to bear in mind when shopping for diamond rings: What you like, and what will work and wear the best. A large sparkling diamond may be beautiful in the display case and classy on your hand. But if it’s only held in place by four claws, and it stands well above your finger, the stone could end up jarring loose and getting lost. A ring that is meant to be worn daily, as wedding rings and engagement rings are, should take into account the likely daily wear and tear in its style. Gleaming diamonds do not have to stand tall in solitary state to be beautiful, and a skillful low set arrangement of a few smaller diamonds may have just as much beauty without the same risk of catching on things.

Obviously choosing a diamond engagement ring, or a diamond wedding ring, your personal preferences will have the largest bearing on what design you chose. Skin tone and metal sensitivities can also impact the type of metal setting you chose, whether yellow or white gold, platinum, or a combination metal. To help you not get overwhelmed by the ring options, locate a reliable jeweler to help you find the perfect diamond ring in the UK.