Can A Romantic Health Holiday Save Your Relationship?

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Several years ago, my wife and I were going through an extremely tough time in our relationship. We had a newborn son, a brand new house and we were still trying to figure out this thing called marriage. There were so many changes occurring simultaneously and even though they were all positive, it just made things a bit more complicated. Sure, we still loved each other dearly, but the romance had left the building. We had both gained a few pounds throughout the course of the pregnancy. We were both unhappy with our bodies and this also contributed to our issues since we were no longer comfortable in our own skin.

Too often we found ourselves reminiscing about how great our lives use to be when it was just her and I. We had our own personal spaces (apartments), money, workout routines and freedom. Shouldn’t things have gotten even better when we joined forces?  You would have thought so, but that was just not the case. We had fallen into a bad routine, our relationship was headed down hill and we had no idea how to get that spark back into our marriage. Fast forward to today, needless to say we weathered the storm and our relationship is now better than ever.So what happened? What did we do to fix it? The answer is not as complicated as you may think. We simply hired a babysitter, made some travel arrangements and took a counselor recommended retreat in Thailand to a health spa called Phuketfit.

For those of you who may not be aware, a romantic health holiday is the best of both worlds. It combines a romantic getaway on a beautiful island with a full detoxification, workout program, couples massage, yoga and a clean eating diet plan. The end goal being to leave the resort/spa with a healthier mind, body and spirit than the one in which you arrived. And let me be the first to tell you, it works!

My wife and I had gotten into such a bad routine of eating poorly and not working out, we did not even realize how much good health and fitness could benefit our romance.  In fact, various studies show that leading a healthy lifestyle provides relationship benefits. Here are several of them below:

Reduction of stress: Health and fitness programs involve exercises that are effective at relieving stress. When couples work out, they increase norepinephrine levels, a chemical moderating how the brain responds to stress. With no mental tension or stress, couples are therefore happier and feel better.

Production of happiness chemicals: Most weight loss and fitness programs  stimulate release of endorphins which are hormones responsible for the euphoria in happiness. If feelings of sadness, depression and anxiety are weighing down your relationship, a romantic health holiday is a perfect solution for you. These negative feelings will be replaced by positive ones and your relationship will be the beneficiary.

Improved self-confidence: Being obese and unhealthy makes you feel unattractive to your partner. When you engage in weight loss, detox and fitness programs, your physical and emotional well-being is elevated. You feel self-confident, attractive and lovable hence your relationship eventually blossoms at the end of the romantic health holiday.

Improved memory and learning behavior:  When you engage in health and fitness programs at Phuketfit, production of brain boosting chemicals occurs hence prevention of degenerative problems affecting memory and learning. Exercise-based brain power might just be the one thing you need to re-ignite the long lost fire in your romance story.

It also strengthens brain power as cardiovascular exercises promote neurogenesis or creation of new brain cells. Various studies prove that health and fitness workouts boosts production of brain derived protein which is responsible for thinking, learning and decision making.

Addiction control: Personalized health and fitness programs are very helpful in regulating any form of addiction that may be destabilizing your romantic relationship. Once you go to Thailand for you romantic health holiday, the professionals will sign you up for addiction recovery exercises. They work by regulating dopamine release. Dopamine is released when the body experiences any form of pleasure that leads to addiction. The addiction for sex, food, alcohol or drugs comes about because users of these substances become dependent on it.

Increase relaxation levels: If you have ever slept after a hard work out session you know what I am talking about. Having a romantic health holiday ensures that your body is well relaxed as the physical training raises the body temperature. Once the session is over, the body temperature goes back to normal sending a signal to the body that it is time to sleep. The body then rests very well and relaxes just as it would if you took a sleeping pill. Workouts are better because they are natural ways of relaxation.

Increased efficiency: Have you ever felt that laziness is taking root in you or in your partner? If so, the solution lies in traveling and engaging in health and fitness training programs. Changing your environment by traveling as a couple as explained in will help you and your spouse get more things done efficiently.

Great sex: Most people lose their youthful romance as a result of dysfunction in the bedroom. Most couples will tell you that intimacy is vital in every romantic relationship. Going for a holiday and spending time together are good ideas to improve intimacy levels. However, the two strategies alone may fail if no physical training sessions are involved. You should know that exercises are very good for increased blood flow to the sex organs and hence boost performance. It is also true that sexual performance is affected by psychological factors such as emotional stress and anxiety. Since exercises help to reduce these negative feelings, couples on romantic health holiday are able to relate well physically.

In conclusion romance and health are two great priceless aspects that every human being craves for. Traveling to Thailand for holiday and not just any holiday but one that adds health and romance in your life is one of the best decisions you can ever make. The facilities provided are top of the line and you will love the beaches. To be honest, Visiting Phukefit for a romantic health holiday practically saved our marriage. It has taught us to appreciate each other better and stay focused on our health/fitness goals. We try to visit at least once each year if possible. Thanks for taking the time to read this article and I hope it leads you to taking a romantic health holiday soon!