How to Tell if I Am I Being Cheated On?

Most relationships start off on a positive note and stay that way until one partner ends up asking themselves, am I being cheated on? The suspicion of a cheating partner is created because most of us have experienced it before, seen someone go through it or are guilty of it in the past.

Cheating usually leads to the falling apart of a relationship, or it crumbles the trust that was there before. In order to prevent the uneventful demise of a relationship or questions such as “why am I being cheated on?” it’s vital to know the signs of cheating.

Now, please keep in mind that just because your significant other displays any of these signs it does not mean they are cheating 100% of the time. However if you already have suspicions based on their behavior or they have cheated in the past then you can rest assure it may be happening again.

Before we jump into the signs that your partner is cheating, I want to provide you with a solution to help you be 100% sure before making accusations that could come back to haunt you.

The answer is fairly simple. If you have a gut feeling your partner is cheating. Hire a reliable private detective service. I personally recommend Global investigations. They have been around over 20 years and have a ton of satisfied customers.

Now, let’s review some of the signs to help you determine am i being cheated on?

Change of normal routine or pattern

People are creatures of habit, when someone starts noticing that their partner suddenly has changed their routine without a reasonable explanation, it’s a cause of alarm.

Change of routine can be caused by many things and when both partners are involved in the change any thoughts of cheating are easily erased. But when one partner is erratic in their change and gives no reason for such adjustments, this is a reason to be concerned that you might be a victim of cheating.

Increased privacy involving the your partner’s phone or computer

Communication in today’s world is mostly done through mobile devices and this makes it very simple for cheating to be hidden this way. Cheating can be initiated by getting into sex offering sites on the internet or simply unhealthy texting with another person other than your partner.

This is why when a cheating partner is asked to give up their phone or computer, the reaction is always hostile and defensive.

If a person is hostile or uneasy when their partner requests to see their mobile device, a reaction that was not there previously in the relationship it is an indication that the partner might be cheating.

Avoiding physical contact and intimacy

Physical intimacy is a crucial part of any relationship and thus becomes alarming when the level of intimacy decreases in a relationship with no reason.

It is important to first realize that lack of  intimacy with a partner can be caused by a lot of things. These reasons can range from medical reasons to physical strain and stress, but usually the other partner has knowledge about these causes.

Though there other reasons the question, “am I being cheated on?” will always be ringing in one’s ear.

Cheating can also be a cause change of intimacy the intimacy level between partners. This can be realized when the sex becomes less intimate and when the partner does not want to initiate any sexual activity.

Not getting your partner’s attention

A relationship is always seen to be on track, when both partners attend to each other’s needs and it never seems to be a bother giving each other extra attention.

When the attention a partner used to receive starts fading of due to unexplained reasons, this usually because the other partner is cheating and most of the attention is being concentrated to another person who is not in the relationship.

Infidelity usually comes with uncontrollable actions such as daydreaming and compulsive thought about the person they are cheating with, leading to the person shutting of attention to their partner.

Evasive answers to clear questions

Infidelity is usually engulfed with secrecy and this leads to unexplained actions or events.

For example, calling your partner another person’s name when you’re having sex or when traces of lipstick are found on the edges of a shirt.

When these actions occur the other partner will most certainly be concerned, and when questions are asked about such occurrences and the answer given is evasive or unreasonable the partner is most likely involved in infidelity.

Lack of straight answers will lead to someone asking themselves, “Am I being cheated on?”

Lack of interest in spending time with family and friends

A partner who is suddenly withdrawn from regular activities that concern the family and friends may set off a  reason to be concerned.

Partners who are cheating usually hate being environments that will make their level of guilt increase, hence making them to prefer staying away from friends and family.

In conclusion, it is important to put your concern forward when extreme unexplained changes in your partners behavior or actions are realized.  In most cases, this is a sign that infidelity is happening.

Clearing the air with your partner can easily erase the question, “am I being cheated on?” So if you have suspicions be sure to ask questions and find out what is going on.

Smelling Different All of A Sudden

If your partner’s clothing starts smelling  like perfume or cologne and you know it is a scent they never wear. This is a tell tale sign you may be getting cheated on.


Most of the time your gut feeling is right when things seem strange and you are trying to find out “am I being cheated on” however it is up to you to take the proper steps to make sure.  Consider hiring a private investigator if you are not up to conducting the investigation yourself.

At the end of the day, you deserve someone you can trust. If your partner is constantly making you think twice about where they are and what they are doing, it might be time to move on.

You will be a lot happier with someone else and it is likely you wont keep asking yourself am I being cheated on.