A Love Spell that Works witchcraftmagicspells.org Review Testimonial

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For the last 15 years my husband and I were amazing together. I knew he was my soul mate from the day I met him at a mutual friends birthday party. We instantly clicked when we met and never had any major issues within our relationship, until recently. He was traveling on business when he met a woman that worked in an office three states away. He started having an affair with her that lasted 4 months. I knew when it started because after his trip, I felt something changed but I did not know what. I never thought that he would be the kind of man to have an affair because he always preached about honesty and frowned upon his friends that cheated on their wives.

After not knowing what he was up to, I decided to look at his phone records. To my surprise, I was able to see the text messages exchanged between my husband and this other woman. The proof was in the pudding after that. I confronted him and he broke down crying. He knew what he was doing was wrong but did not know how to stop it. He saw how hurt I was, and felt that he needed to move out to get his head together. That was the last thing that I wanted, but could not stop him. He stayed at his moms house and we barely spoke. I felt like my life was ripped out from under me. Nothing I said to him would get him to come back home and work this out.

After a month of my husband being gone, I started telling my friends and family what was happening. They were all shocked at his behavior because it was so out of character. One of my friends urged me to contact a witch to have a spell cast swearing upon her abilities to help people come back together. My first thought was that having a spell cast was a scam, but she swore this coven helped her win a jackpot at the casino she frequents (she won $250,000 playing the slots). I gave it a try just to appease her. She actually bought a love spell for me since she wanted to help and knew I had doubts.

The spell that I had cast was called the triple power customized love spell. It took a few days of correspondence between me and the high priestess, Marcy to make sure my customized love spell included everything that I we both could think of. Then it took another week for Marcys coven of witches to cast the spell on my behalf. After the spell was completed, two weeks later my husband called me to tell me that he could not stop thinking about me and missed our marriage. He wanted to get into counseling and was very sorry for what he had put me through. It was like he was a changed man. He ended his other relationship and I monitored his phone records regularly to make sure this other woman was gone and he wasnt lying about it.

I have to admit, working through this cheating issue was not easy but we got through it and I have my husband back. Im absolutely AMAZED and very happy with the way my love spell turned out. I never thought that I would have a spell cast to bring my husband back, but Im proud to say that it worked and wanted to write this testimonial because Im very humbled and grateful to the witches at witchcraftmagicspells.org!