6 Reasons Why Women Cheat

why women cheat

Stereotypes tend to make us believe that cheating is just embedded in a man’s DNA. However the truth is that women these days cheat just as much as men do. So what makes women cheat? The reasons vary from one woman to the next, but here are common list of the most popular reasons why women cheat.

Reasons why women cheat

Lack of attention

Women love attention, especially from the man they love. Ideally every woman requires physical and emotional attention. If you are failing to provide her with compliments and showing her enough attention, she will not feel loved. In turn she will look for the appreciation and attention elsewhere. The last thing you want is to walk in her having sex with the guy that is responsible for doing your landscaping.


A woman may decide to cheat in order to get back at her husband or boyfriend for something he has done to make her feel deceived, hurt or angry. When a woman cheats for revenge, she will not care what kind of man she gives in to. All she wants is someone to help her fulfill her mission.

Lack of intimacy

Intimacy is everything in a relationship, and lack of it is a sign of bad things to come. Some men do not know how to communicate their dissatisfaction with their spouses. Instead they resort to sexual withdrawal as a form of punishment. A woman who is deprived of intimacy may eventually seek it elsewhere.

The feeling that a relationship is ending

Some women are very sensitive to changes. When a man starts behaving strangely they tend to jump to conclusions (aka he’s cheating or leaving). Out of fear of abandonment and being lonely they go ahead and start pursing another man as a back up plan.

Lack of fun in the relationship

The little things you do with your woman ignite the fun in the relationship. Often, this reason for why women cheat is seen more in marriages than with single women. This is especially true for stay at home moms that spend most of their time taking care of kids and maintaining the house.

They long to go out for dinner or have a fine lunch somewhere just with her man. Getting her a surprise gift once in a while is a good way to keep the relationship fun. A woman who feels her relationship is no longer fun might be tempted to go out with another man. For instance that colleague who brings her gifts at work and offers to take her out for lunch.

Feeling unappreciated

Another reason why women cheat is due to lack of appreciation from their spouses. When whatever she does is not being recognized she feels taken for granted. Women like being acknowledged for the little things they do. A man who turns a blind eye to his wife’s actions is driving her to cheat. Someone else will come along and offer her that appreciation she so much desires. Complimenting a woman makes her feel valued and appreciated.

It is obvious that there are many reasons why women cheat. However whether a woman is lonely, seeking revenge or looking to fill an emotional void cheating is not good. If you sense there is a problem in your relationship, try talking about it before its too late. Establishing open communication channels will help prevent any instances of cheating and lead to a happier relationship.