3 Signs You Should Stay Away From Your Ex

signs you should stay away from your ex

Sometimes getting back with an ex can turn out to be the best decision a person ever makes. Both partners have matured significantly on an individual basis, such that they are able to form a great companionship with one another. However, other in other cases, getting back with an ex can be absolutely disastrous. It is difficult to know which scenario, good or bad, you would end up in if you got back with your ex. The only way to really know is give things a try, if the desire is there from both of you. With all that said, here’s 3 signs that you should stay away from your ex, at least for the time being.

Sign 1: Your break up with your ex was VERY recently

You will probably have heard a lot about going ‘no contact’ and how it can work miracles for couples who have split up. The reason that this is mentioned so much is because it works. Letting the dust settle, so to speak, will result in negative feelings between the 2 people to drop in their intensity level. After this drop, there is a small enough amount of negative emotion between them that they might be able to work something out. Only time can get this to happen, so if you broke up with your ex recently and you think she wants you back, it would be worth staying out of her way for a few weeks.

Sign 2: He or she disrespected you

If an ex disrespects you, the best thing to do is to withdraw your time. Telling them not to treat you badly will not help, because actions speak louder than words and your ex knows this. Withdrawing any time you were giving to your ex, even if that time was simply a case of talking on the phone or writing text messages, will absolutely show him or her that you mean business and will not tolerate such bad treatment. This would help to establish a platform of respect, which increases the chance that the two of you might be able to have a civilized relationship in the future, be that romantic or platonic in nature.

Sign 3: He or she claims to hate you

If your ex hates you, or claims this to be the case, then steering clear of him or her will be the best thing to do for a good while. You should try not to take the words too personally – they are probably not true – it’s just that sometimes people say things that most of the time they don’t mean, in those heated moments when they are super angry. As I said in Sign 1, the best course of action you can take is to let the dust settle by keeping a low profile for a few weeks. When someone’s emotions are this high, there’s really nothing you can say or do to positively alter the situation, so go fill your life with activities that will help you get your ex off your mind for a while, and return to him or her later on.