25 Short Cute Love Quotes for Him from Her

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Most love specialists describe love as an amazing magic that cannot be controlled. In fact, there exists a love say, which states that love keeps the globe spinning. Sometimes, to keep your love blazing and continue being into each other, all you need to say to your partner are short cute love quotes. Here are 25 short cute love quotes for him from her:

Short Cute Love Quotes for Him

You are every dream, every hope and every reason have ever had- Nicholas Sparks Notebook

I love you, and this is not only the beginning but also the end of everything- F. Scot Fitzgerald

Sometimes, I find it hard to get words to tell you how you mean a lot to me. I do not say anything at all, most of the times, but hope someday, you will come to understand that what I live for is having you- Anonymous

I look upon the time I spend with you as a sort of a perfumed garden, dim twilight, and a fountain singing to it It is you and you alone that make me feel I am alive. Other men say to have seen angels, but to me have seen thee and thou art enough- George Moore

Although you may hold my hand for awhile, you hold my heart forever- Anonymous

You are ever special to me. Thank you for letting me be myself and being who you are- Facts.co

If I had a flower for every hour I looked upon you, I could walk in my garden everlastingly- Alfred Tennyson

I love you because I love you; it would be totally unlikely not to love you. I love you with every faculty, without any good or bad reasons, without calculation, without question, faithfully, and with all my heart and soul- Juliette Drout

Love, tie your heart to mine by night and watch the two together in their sleep overcome the darkness- Pablo Neruda

I would search for you harder and sooner if I knew Id be falling in love with an angel- Anonymous

I seem to have adored you in countless forms, in countless time, in age after age, in life after life forever- Rabindranath Tagore

Although all I ever desired was to be your friend, being your lover is all I ever dreamed of- Valerie Lombardo

I lose myself in you, but I find myself wanting to be lost again without you- Anonymous

You may be one person to the world, but to me, you are the world- Bill Wilson

My love for you possesses no depth but has ever-expanding boundaries. My life and my love will be a ceaseless story- Christina White

You give me hope in my hours of trial, joy in my saddest times, and love in everything I do- Anonymous

Forever will I care for you, regardless of us not being together or far away from each other- Facts.co

My six-worded love story: I cannot think of life without you- Facts.co

Closer is the only place I desire to be when Im with you- Ritu Ghatourey

I will wait my entire life for you if you are not too long- Oscar Wilde

My love for your lacks definition; it is past my mind, beyond my heart, and into my soul- Boris Kodjoe

If only I could kiss you and whisper to you how much I adore you, we could always be kissing- facts.co

I fall in love again and again every time I see you- Anonymous-Romantic Love Quotes for Him

Similar to the sun that shines upon the earth, so does your love, which shines upon my heart- Eleanor Di Guillo

Love needs no talk because it understands love- Francis Havergal

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