Splendid Tips On How to Apologize

how to apologize

We all make mistakes. Therefore knowing how to apologize is critical in every relationship. Due to the imperfect nature of the world we live in, almost everyone has messed up on time or the other. That being said, there’s a difference between making a mistake and apologizing. A good apology can save a friendship and make any bond tighter, as well as restore trust that was broken due to a transgression. In this post, we’ll provide some great tips on how  to apologize to a friend, loved […]

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The Best Premarital Counseling Questions To Ask

Premarital Counseling Questions

The success or failure of a marriage or relationship highly depends on how well you handle a number of personal issues. While you are planning your wedding, are you planning for your marriage as well? According to research, couples who had undergone premarital counseling portrayed a higher level of marital satisfaction and experienced a 30 % drop in the likelihood of divorce over 5 years. Before you are planning to get married you need to find a marriage counselor who will prepare you and get your ready […]

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How to Break Up With Someone: An Expert’s Guide

how to break up with someone

Breaking up is the antithesis of a relationship and one of the things we’ll have to face up to doing at least once in our lives. As a result, most of us dread doing it or having someone else break up with us. If you’re on the giving end and have never broken up with someone before, you may be wondering what, if any, rules attached to breakups you should know about. Choose the Right Time to Break Up Everything in life has time. Timing will make […]

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Is it Ok to Spy On Your Spouse?

spy on your spouse

Is it ok to spy on your spouse if they are displaying signs of cheating? Does your spouse leave the room to take phone calls when you are around or make excuses to leave the house at odd times during the night? This type of behavior creates a burning desire to know exactly what is going on and there are many reasons why your motivation for spying on your spouse is justified. Here are five of them. You Trust Your Gut Instincts You have been suspecting your […]

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How to Say I Love You- 5 Creative Ways

How to Say I Love You

Knowing how to say I love you is essential in every relationship. Love is admittedly the strongest and most pervasive emotion in the world. Poems, wars and treaties have materialized thanks to this powerful human emotion. Despite its popularity, not all individuals know how to express love. In this post, we’ll be sharing unique and novel ways of  how to say I love you to the people that matter to you in your life. Actions, Not Words It’s a common mistake that people make when they think […]

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Tips for Getting Through Divorce

tips for getting through a divorce

A divorce is a traumatic event that may come without warning. Getting through divorce is tough, even when you have ample warning such as a separation and being served divorce papers, there’s nothing that can prepare you for the ways in which your life is about to change. In fact some people say that going through a divorce is like dealing with grief brought on by someone’s death. In some ways, this is true and can have a lasting impact to the person going through it as […]

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What Do Guys Really Want In a Relationship?

Guys are very simple in the sense that they really do not need a lot to be happy in a relationship, but you must understand if our basic needs are not being fulfilled this will have a huge negative impact on the chemistry in the relationship. Does it seem like no matter what you do your guy is still not giving you what you need to be happy? If so, have you ever stopped to consider that maybe his needs are not being fulfilled? So what am […]

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How to put the Spark back in your Marriage 

putting the spark back in your marriage

Every marriage goes through certain stages and it might come a time when the relationship becomes stale. At this point couples may believe that something is wrong. However, there isn’t anything wrong with the partner or the marriage but it is just a normal life of a long term relationship. That doesn’t mean we need to just accept it as fate and not work to bring back the spark in our marriage. One thing that may be helpful in order to revive the relationship is to talk […]

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Is Pre Marriage Counseling Necessary for Us?

Is pre marriage counseling necessary

  While you are planning your wedding, with those lovely decorations, gowns and cakes, are you also preparing for marriage? Many soon-to-be married couples do not undergo appropriate premarital education. This normally decreases marital satisfaction and increases the likelihood of divorce over time. Pre marriage counseling can have many benefits for couples that plan to get married, specifically because it raises problems you might have never thought about. It also requires you to come up with solutions for different issues you might be dealing with at any point […]

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How to Boost Passion in Your Marriage- 7 Simple Ways


Falling in love with the right person can be life-changing. However, even the strongest of love fades when it comes to passion. While it’s possible to be in love with the person that you married for long periods of time, knowing how to boost passion in your marriage is something that couples need to work on regularly. Boredom in the bedroom is a common problem experienced by many couples. Let’s take a look at 7 ways in which you can boost passion in your marriage.       […]

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