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The Online Dating Guide – Top Tips

dating guide

It’s a golden rule in online dating that you should be yourself. You should be completely honest and that you should just be yourself. Much like real life, online dating also has its moral grey areas. Here’s the scenario: you’ve met a wonderful guy, great guy. Gone out with him a couple of times and really excited about him- so much you’d want to brag him to your friends. Also, you start to know every little detail about him. You even go as far as wonder how […]

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A Love Spell that Works Review Testimonial

love spell

For the last 15 years my husband and I were amazing together. I knew he was my soul mate from the day I met him at a mutual friends birthday party. We instantly clicked when we met and never had any major issues within our relationship, until recently. He was traveling on business when he met a woman that worked in an office three states away. He started having an affair with her that lasted 4 months. I knew when it started because after his trip, I […]

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How To Handle Your Addiction For Love and Sex

love and sex addiction

Typically when someone mentions addiction, the first thing that comes to most people’s minds is drug and substance addiction. This has been discussed and analyzed extensively compared to one of the biggest forms of addiction nowadays- sex and love addiction. You are probably there wondering how someone becomes addicted to something as abstract as love or sex. Here are some shocking statistics. Astounding facts about sex addiction  Research has shown that at least 6% of Americans are struggling with sexual addiction compulsivity. This might not sound as […]

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3 Signs You Should Stay Away From Your Ex

signs you should stay away from your ex

Sometimes getting back with an ex can turn out to be the best decision a person ever makes. Both partners have matured significantly on an individual basis, such that they are able to form a great companionship with one another. However, other in other cases, getting back with an ex can be absolutely disastrous. It is difficult to know which scenario, good or bad, you would end up in if you got back with your ex. The only way to really know is give things a try, […]

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The Best Way To Meet Singles Over 50

singles over 50

You’re 50 and you never thought you would end up in this predicament. Back when you were thirty, if someone had asked you where you thought you would be when you were in your 50’s, you would have most likely said you would be sitting back enjoying life with your family. Your kids would be grown and out of the house, your career would be at its peak and your finances would be stable. However, life had other plans for you. Instead, your wife decided to cheat […]

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Is Your Dating Life Over After HIV?

dating with HIV

Usually when people find out they have contracted HIV, they immediately think life as they knew it is officially over. No way would anyone ever want to love them, let alone date them again. While this thought process is natural in the beginning, it could not be farther from the truth.  Sure, it may take some time for you to be comfortable enough to try dating again, but there is life after HIV. Today’s article is an inspirational story on how to take control of your life […]

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Things To Do Before You Get Married


Getting engaged to the man or woman whom you love is a beautiful thing– and an extremely fun time in your life! Make sure that you spend time on the following areas to strengthen your relationship and how you interact as a team before the big day. Going into your marriage on the same page is an invaluable asset and essential for your long term happiness. Map out your goals Take a few hours to map out where you each want to be in one, five, ten, […]

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10 Reasons Why You Should Not Date A Cheating Spouse

cheating spouse

Most people who have found themselves mixed in the web of a cheating spouse admit that it is always one of the most frustrating relationships. First, because if you are the other person in their life, you have to contend with the fact that dating a married person rarely yields anything. No matter the level of emotional attachment you develop for a cheating lover, they will never give themselves to you fully. A part of them, a bigger one at that, will always be with their spouses, […]

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7 Tips On How to Get Over A BreakUp

getting back into the game

Let’s be honest, breakups suck and this is especially true if you have just broken up with someone you have been with for a significant amount of time. Not only does it take time to heal from the hurt and pain you may still be experiencing from something your ex said or did to cause the breakup, but you also have to focus on getting back to your normal self. In this article we will discuss 7 tips on how to get over a breakup and boost your […]

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What are Some Great First Date Ideas?

what are some Great First Date Ideas

You should make sure the first date activities you and your partner experience are enjoyable and appropriate. This is to ensure that the first meeting you have with someone is not going to be overly awkward if you are having a hard time finding stuff to talk about. The location and the activity you choose can truly make or break a first date. Here are a few tips to help you make the right choice. Enjoy Time In a Relaxing Spot Going to a park or museum […]

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