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How Erectile Dysfunction Almost Ruined My Marriage


Today’s article is provided to you by guest blogger Rodney Simms. Rodney shares a personal story with us on how erectile dysfunction almost destroyed his marriage and what he did to fix it. Erectile Dysfunction is a common condition that most men will face at some point in their lives. It occurs when a man is unable to fully acheive or maintain an erection. In my case, this is something I had never faced before. My wife and I have been married over 30 years. On our […]

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Find The Love Of Your Life With A Matchmaker In Seattle

matchmaker seattle

Are you looking for your ideal match, soul mate, or just a partner to spend time with? Stop wasting your time at the bars and sleezy night clubs. You have been doing things your way with no successful results and it is time to try something completely different. Today, I want to talk to you about the benefits of hiring a professional matchmaker like the Seattle matchmaking agency. A matchmaker is a trained professional that knows how to sync you up with your ideal match based on the […]

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Why Women Are Dating Older Men In 2015

older men seeking younger women

Is it a fact that younger women are more interested in dating older these days? Think not? Well, according to a recent study conducted by N.C. State University, there an abundance of younger women looking for older men. In fact, a whopping 65% of the females surveyed admitted they were into older guys because they were a lot more mature. This is great news for older men seeking younger girls. Nonetheless, no matter where you opinion stands, we have come up with five reasons why women tend to date older […]

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How to Make A Woman Orgasm

Today we are going to discuss how to make a woman a cum (orgasm). If you are not familiar with how to do it, do not worry because we are going to take you by hand and teach you step by step. Before we get started, if you are more of an audio visual learner, you can simply watch the video below. Let’s talk through each of the steps until we cover them all. Step 1- Mental Foreplay The first step in the process is to establish […]

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Rich Women Looking For Men: What More to Know?

A rich single woman would almost always be in search of a man to comfort her both with personal issues and things related to her business. Most rich single women want young men and not just young, but matured enough to provide the needed support. For the masculine folks, it needs no rocket scientist for one to know that having a rich girlfriend is more than a plus to one’s life. The prestige and of course finance, the come with the status is worth envying.  For persons […]

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The Best Dating Tips for 2015

Dating is sometimes more difficult and challenging than it should really be. If you are tired of going out for drinks and coming home alone just to watch Netflix until you fall asleep, today we will be sharing some tips than can help you change things for good. Dating the right way is a skill and if you know the right dating culture, it can lead to long lasting relationships between the parties involved. Now, consider this as a dating playbook which will give you the best […]

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How to Keep the Romance in your Relationship

romance in marriage

If finding love is a tricky affair, keeping the romance in your relationship alive is even more challenging. Is it really practical to keep the romance and passion alive after five, ten, or 20 years together? Yes, it’s absolutely possible. To keep the romance in your relationship alive-no matter how long you’ve been together-you need to give each other a healthy daily dose of attention, affection and appreciation. So, here are 6 things you can immediately try to get back the spark and enthusiasm in your relationship. […]

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How To Find An Ideal Bisexual Dating Site

With the abundance of dating sites that can be found online, it comes as no surprise that many bisexual individuals find the process of locating a genuine bisexual dating site to be extremely tedious and disappointing to say the least. However, in this overview we’ll take a look at some of the things you can do, to find authentic bisexual dating sites that not only offers great functionality but contains an abundance of members as well. 1) Ask Your Friends/Family Members One of the most effective things […]

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5 Great Tips to Meet Singles in Your Local Area

When it comes to learning how to meet singles in your local area, it can be tricky. Don’t panic though, because today we are going to provide you with some quick and easy tips to help guide your search and help you in meeting that special someone in no time. 1) Use Friends or Family One resource that almost everyone has, but few rarely tap are their own friends and family. It can be embarrassing for some people to ask for help when they’re trying to meet […]

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4 Signs It Is Time To Move On

If it is not meant to be, then it is not going to be. Chances are you realized this after the first few dates, but you thought he had potential so you wanted to give the relationship a try. Things have gotten stale and you are close to your breaking point. Here are four signs it is time to move on. 1) When he does not want to have sex anymore This is the most obvious sign. I’m sure most of you agree that the point of a […]

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